In the past 30 years we have been witness to significant progress of scientific publication in Croatia, both in the increased number of scientific and professional papers and in their quality. The reason for this was not only the growth of scientific and higher education sectors, but also the set of criteria that the Ministry of Science and Education implemented as a prerequisite for financing the publication of scientific journals. Although with some flaws, these criteria promoted quality parameters such as editorial practice standards, quality of the reviewing process, journal visibility and its international evaluation, which caused a number of organizational and technical problems for the editorial offices of the journals. Due to lack of systematic communication, the editorial offices faced these obstacles alone. For that reason, in 2019 an initiative that had been dormant for a long time re-emerged to get the editorial offices together, but also others involved in the process of scientific communication, like scientists, librarians, linguistic editors, translators and publishers. The official date of the foundation of Croatian Association for Scholarly Communication – CROASC was 18 November 2019. The aim of the Association is to promote scholarly communication, especially the activities of Croatian scientific and professional journals, and publications that promote science to the general public. The Association advocates scholarly communication based on the principles of free, open, publicly financed and accessible science by promoting the principles of open science. Among other things, the Association gives recommendations for editors of scientific and professional journals, organises seminars, workshops and other activities to develop and promote scholarly publication in Croatia.

We invite you to become a member by filling in the membership form and the GDPR consent and sending them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Chair: Iva Grabarić Andonovski
Vice-Chair: Jadranka Stojanovski
Secretary: Danijel Namjesnik

Board: Evgenia Arh, Marko Ban, Ksenija Baždarić, Ružica Beljo Lučić, Zdenko Blažeković, Dado Čakalo, Iva Grabarić Andonovski, Nataša Jermen, Iva Melinščak Zlodi,  Danijel Namjesnik, Luka Perušić, Mirko Smoljić, Jadranka Stojanovski

Supervisory Board: Ivana Hebrang Grgić, Martina Petrinović, Joško Šoda